MetroSports cameraman sues Mizzou

Jeron Swann, a cameraman for MetroSports, filed a lawsuit against the University of Missouri last week seeking damages for injuries he sustained while filming a Tigers basketball game. He’s seeking $25,000 for himself, and $25,000 for his wife, though it’s unclear why she’s part of the suit.

Per the Columbia Daily Tribune:

Jeron Swann was working for Time Warner Sports/Metro Sports in December 2009 when he was directed to record the game in Mizzou Arena from atop a wooden platform about 4 feet above the concrete floor, according to a lawsuit filed in Boone County Circuit Court this week. The lawsuit alleges the platform had no stairs, handrails, guards or any other method to climb on or off, and Swann fell trying to get down. …

“At halftime, he had to go to the bathroom, and there was no way to get down,” Thompson said. “You just had to jump or fall or do something.”

Swann attempted to climb down but fell head first onto the concrete floor and injured his shoulder, he said.

“He suffered terrible injuries to his shoulder, back and neck,” Thompson said. “They patched him up there for a short while and sent him home.”

ESPN and other media outlets allegedly heard of Swann’s ordeal and refused to film until guardrails were put up. The lawsuits says they’ve since been installed.


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