Helen Gray looks back at 47 years with The Star

The Star’s longtime religion editor, Helen Gray, has called it quits. She sat down with Edward Eveld to look back at her nearly 50 years with the paper.

A few highlights:

  • She was The Star’s second African-American reporter, and the first black woman. Lacy Banks was the first black reporter at The Star.
  • She once interviewed Martin Luther King – a walk-and-talk at KCI.
  • She experience prejudice when she first started – both as a woman and an African-American:

    And there were people still prejudiced against blacks. I had two strikes against me from the beginning. I needed to prove that I could do what other reporters could do. I started as a general assignment reporter, part of the regular news staff.

    Gray is returning to her native New Jersey to care for her ailing mother. Cheers, Helen!


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