Why did Jabulani Leffall quit KCUR?

By all accounts, the abrupt and bizarre on-air resignation of KCUR’s “Central Standard” host Jabulani Leffall came as a surprise to the station’s higher-ups.

jabulani2 “This is a new world order on Central Standard, and my last broadcast at KCUR 89.3 FM. I’m Jabulani Leffall, signing off in the words of Gil Scott Heron: The revolution will not be televised. The revolution is live,” he said

KCUR staffers said Leffall’s resignation came out of the blue. One of Leffall’s friends told the Pitch that drugs or alcohol were not a factor, and that he would address the situation publicly in due time.

Leffall took over the 10 a.m. spot from the legendary Walt Bodine in 2010. Last year, he was named best radio host by the Kansas City Press Club. His show was good. It looked at everything from social issues to tech to architecture and food – the things that make Kansas City what it is.jabulani

KCUR posted a message on its website later on Wednesday, and said Brian Ellison will host the slot in the meantime: ““Jabulani Leffall has indicated to us that he wants to pursue a different career direction. We respect his decision and wish him well in his future endeavors, and we remain committed to providing high-quality local programming.”

Here’s what we do know: Leffall released a spoken-word album called “Spoken Soul” on January 1. Is music Leffall’s future? Maybe we’ll find out soon.



  1. Rex Powell

    I’ve been wondering where Jabulani was! I always enjoyed the way Jabulani approached his guests.. so incisively and without sidestepping issues, but engagingly and respectfully. KCUR is definitely diminished with his leaving and I hope that you can find a comparable replacement.

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