Former News Room bar to ‘celebrate’ Quantrill’s raid on Lawrence

The new owners of the News Room – now named Black & Gold – are taking fandom to a new low. Owner Zack Cartwright tells KC Confidential he plans on hosting a celebration of the 1863 raid that killed hundreds of men and boys in Lawrence. Cartwright, who pledges allegiance to Mizzou, said the KU-MU rivalry will “never die,” but didn’t elaborate about why the bar was hosting the event.

“August 21st of this year is the 150th anniversary of Quantrill’s excursion to Lawrence, so we will be celebrating it here at the Black & Gold Tavern” Cartwright told KCC. “We might even take a bus load of Missouri fans over to Lawrence that night, but we’ll leave the matches at home.”

On Aug. 21, 1863, William Quantrill led a group of pro-Confederate marauders from Missouri across the state line and attacked Lawrence, a symbolic capital of the Union. As many as 200 men and boys were killed in the slaughter, which also left the town smoldering. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the massacre.

Many people thought the KU-MU rivalry would die after Mizzou bolted to the SEC last year. Apparently some folks won’t let it go.

In an August story about the upcoming anniversary, FOX4 posted a story with the unfortunate headline “City of Lawrence Celebrates Quantrill’s Raid.”


  1. Eddie

    SEC!!! Lets celebrate killing people!!! Jasper get me the truck, a chain, and some gasoline! Damn this meth is wanting me to have sex with my sister!!!


      The Aug 21st, 1863 raid on Lawrence, Kansas was called “the payback raid” by Missourians, for atrocities committed on multiple occasions across the state-line, by jayhawkers, Kansans, border ruffians and federal soldiers. The tipping-point was the intentional collapsing of a building in Kansas City, MO, that maimed and killed several women & girls, who were sisters & sweethearts of the Missourians. The girls were jailed in that building. The solders that committed the atrocity were Kansans, from a jayhawker regiment.

      By the time the Lawrence raid took place, the issue was no longer about slavery. Kansans & federal soldiers were routinely committing atrocities against the Missourians, their farms, women & children.

      300+ Missourians rode to Lawrence on what they knew was to be a suicide-mission. They did not expect to survive the raid. At Lawrence, 150 men & boys paid the price for being jayhawkers and living in a jayhawker town. Their only regret was that James Lane got away and did not get his due.

      I have traveled to Lawrence, KS myself, on August 21st, several times, to pay respects to that town, 150 years after the raid. I have been to the cemetery and honored the dead soldiers and civilians there. ( I have also traveled to LeCompton, KS, to retrace the history and try to understand Senator James Lanes intentions.)

      Fuck the slavery issue. The abolitionists failed. Now, we are ALL slaves of the federal government. You HAVE TO go to work and give them one-half of the money you make in taxes. That’s slavery and you ARE a slave.

      Missourians and Kansans, many non-combatants, all suffered the times. The Border War was the meanest part of US history that affected whites. Blacks & American Natives got much worse.

      • Bob Lee

        Yes, Lawrence Jayhawkers were not innocent by far. “Quantrill’s Payback” the cost of War.

    • Mr. Fuck Off (@thingslkngood)

      that is all you talk about, Basketball, that is all your white trash state has, college basketball. No major metropolis , no mixing of different races. Just white trash hicks riding around in fields on tractors. By the way you look like a total faggot.

      • Translated to American from Internet Troll

        Some people don’t understand what their brains are for. Here’s @thinglkngood’s weird ass response translated for human comprehension:

        All you talk about, basketball. All (“the only thing” would be more correct) your white trash state has is college basketball. You have no major metropolises (a “metropolis” is defined as a city with more than 50,000 citizens so this statement is actually incorrect), and no mixing of different races (do I even have to point out that this is incorrect?). You only have white trash hicks riding around in fields on tractors. By the way you look like a total faggot.”

  2. Mr. Fuck Off (@thingslkngood)

    LOL look at all these ku homo’s and white trash on this shit. kansas is America’s shit hole, it is known, has been known, and the only state to be named after a city in another state. You are our bitches for life, no I am not taking sports, I am talking curb stomping the white trash right out of you forever. Truth be told I punch at least 5 of you faggots over here in the face everyday and you little bitches run like usual. Quit talking shit, when if we could, every American would see kansas to Mexico for some burritos and a pint of Tequila.

  3. Translated to American from Internet Troll

    LOL look at all of these ku homo(sexual)s and white trash (noun missing) on this shit. Kansas is America’s shit hole. It is known, has been known (IMO, this isn’t a quantifiable or even cited fact), and it is the only state to be named after a city in another state (That doesn’t make any sense). You are our bitches for life, and no I am not taking about sports. I am talking curb stomping the white trash right out of you forever. Truth be told, I punch at least 5 of you faggots over here in the face everyday and you little bitches run like usual (That doesn’t make any sense). Quit talking shit, when, and if we could, every American would see (send I guess?) Kansans to Mexico for some burritos and a pint of Tequila (That doesn’t make any sense).

  4. Josh T

    kansas home of the Westboro Baptist idiots. They feel comfortable there since so many share their hate and disgusting views.

    • Alex Parker

      Not a completely accurate statement, Josh, but not the worst I’ve seen. I’d say most people think the WBC’s views are reprehensible, especially in Lawrence.

  5. Warden

    Shows how bad the schools are, and how classless the fans are in ‘Misery’. Guess since they can’t celebrate any sports wins in the SEC they are desperate to find any triumph to focus on…..even a mass murder by racist cowards 150 years ago. Sad, just sad.

  6. mike

    this is about people celebrating people killing other people. if the defining authority of your identity is contingent on which side of the state line you were born on you need to seriously reevaluate your life. shit heads live everywhere.

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  8. Bob Lee

    unfortanute killing it was. But the Kansas Jayhawkers did worse deeds in the prior to the 1863 Lawrence Burning. War was it’s name. If a group murdered your family, friends, burnt your town like the Jayhawkers did in Osceola, MO and with the killing of women, would you not want to ride into lawrence and burn it down too? Neither side was right. Just sick of hearning Jayhawks play innocent. At any rate this was 150 years ago. Learn history for information, and maybe learn from it. Not repeat it.

    • SmarterThanYou

      Not only are you tragically late to this convo, but you’re a bit behind historically as well. No one cares which side was “worse” during the border war. This article is about a MODERN DAY BAR hosting an event that commemorates a murderous raid on civilians. Whether or not Jayhawkers committed worse atrocities doesn’t matter, because there aren’t any Kansas-themed bars celebrating any of those atrocities.

      Thanks for playing.

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