Jabulani Leffall comes clean to The Star

Former “Central Standard” host Jabulani Leffall has finally explained his abrupt on-air resignation in an interview with The Star’s Jenee Osterheldt

Turns out, Lefall, who quit after his Jan. 16 show and gave a no comment to the Pitch, is disillusioned with the state of journalism.

Journalism today, he said, is “a lie. Journalism is changing. Questions need to be approved before asked; advertisers need to be placated. It’s about ratings and Internet hits and business relationships.”

Strong words for a host on a public radio station that has no advertisers.

Osterheldt writes that Leffall, who moved to Kansas City from LA for a marriage that never happened, is finding himself. He also struggled to forge an identity for listeners used to Walt Bodine, and black listeners questioned his “blackness.”

Leffall doesn’t say what he might like to have seen or done differently. It seems the book is closed.


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