Presto-chango: Star unveils redesigned website

It appears The Star has finally flipped its front page over to mirror redesigned pages I wrote about a few weeks ago.

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 3.05.03 PM

The new site is a major improvement over the past iterations of, which hadn’t changed much between 1999 and 2010. The redesign makes bold use of The Star’s flag, finally and definitively aligning the website with the newspaper. It also does something very small – and very smart – by changing the tab previously called “Breaking News” to “Latest News.”


The Star’s site over the years, from the early 2000s to the 2010 redesign to today’s.

photoIt also makes use of space on the site to post photo galleries and videos. Perhaps this will allow The Star to promote photo galleries – but not in a prominent spot. It also makes use of responsive design technology, so you can view the site on your phone – without having to muck around with resizing the page, though it appears the mobile site doesn’t yet have the new logo.

Star publisher Mi-Ai Parrish outlines the changes in a memo on the site.


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