Whitlock ‘crushed’ he can’t win Pulitzer

Jason Whitlock, the former Kansas City Star columnist who burned his bridges in KC and likely created many a wary buyer during his public flame out in which he criticized his bosses, writes that he is despondent that he is not eligible for a Pulitzer Prize.

Now writing for FoxSports.com,  Whiltock says, in a column for the Ball State University paper, he entered a series of columns for consideration only to be told broadcast outlets and their websites are not eligible.

Whitlock says his career goal was to be the Mike Royko of sportswriters. Now, he says, that dream may never be possible.

I’m crushed. I’m not objecting to the Pulitzer’s rules. I’m devastated and sad my dream has been stolen. OK, I gave it away unwittingly. Whatever, it still hurts. I spent 20 years chasing something that I can no longer obtain. Even if I moonlighted or worked for an organization that was eligible for Pulitzer consideration, there’s no guarantee I’ll again produce a body of work I deem worthy of Pulitzer consideration.



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