KC Star’s ‘American Sniper’ cartoon goes viral, draws ire

A Feb. 9 editorial cartoon by Lee Judge has gone viral, according to The Star’s Facebook page. It’s also drawn mounds of profane criticism to the paper’s comments line – as well as its Facebook feed.


A Facebook post notes the cartoon struck a nerve. But:

One note, though: The tenor of what The Star has been hearing so far has been extremely disappointing. Most messages have been nasty, directly threatening, or both. It is an insult to the many sane, civil people who disagree with the content of the cartoon for anyone to use profanity or intimidation in expressing their point of view.

The Star wants to hear what you have to say about it, but remember that the words you choose have a direct reflection on how people judge the merits of your opinions.

That did little to raise the level of discourse on Facebook, which elicited a flood of angry comments.

“I hope you get what’s coming to you,” wrote one reader.

“Absolutely disgusting. Lee Judge is a vile human being,” said another.

“You people have no shame. Fuck you limp wristed, hand wringing pansy asses.Lee Judge, you’re a steaming pile of shit,” wrote a third.

The Star’s public editor Derek Dononvan is writing a post about this cartoon. Will it create a reasonable discussion?


One comment

  1. Michael C

    there is nothing profane or threatening about calling someone a vile human being. That’s fact about this cartoonist. But its interesting…. Chris Kyle led an amazing life as one of America’s elite special operators to protect this cartoonist from drawing/saying things that may be vile… and the star wants to hear what the people have to say? And they don’t like how they’re saying it? Perhaps they should think twice about joking about a man who was murdered that was one of America’s top heroes in the past 5 years.

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