New York Times creates digital media incubator

Somehow I missed this in January: The New York Times is inviting start ups to work with the paper. It’s called TimeSpace.

Here’s how Poynter describes it:

Aron Pilhofer, editor of interactive news, said the goal is to create a mutually beneficial setup; the startups will benefit from working alongside and engaging with Times staffers, and both will benefit from the interaction.

“While we already maintain close relationships with entrepreneurs and the tech community, we believe that an on-site interaction for a set period of time has the potential to enhance the exchange of ideas,” said General Manager Denise Warren in an emailed statement. …

“A lot of companies have good ideas, but they need a test to say, ‘Is this actually a viable media product?’ and I think we have this exceptional audience — this tech team based in the newsroom,” Pilhofer said by phone. SocialFlow and Chute, he said, produce the type of products the Times’ interactive team would want to collaborate on.

It’s not the first media company to branch out into this sort of venture, as TNW writes. It’s a similar proposal to the type of work I wrote about last month. Forbes isn’t sold on the idea, but it sounds like an exciting project.


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