NY Times’ KC correspondent John Eligon wrote Boston explosion story after running Boston Marathon

John Eligon, who’s been reporting on the Midwest after being named the New York Times’ Kansas City correspondent in the summer, is writing about today’s deadly explosion in Boston.


It turns out Eligon was running the marathon before turning to reporting duty.

Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 4.33.09 PMEligon, 30, finished the 26.2 mile-race in a shade over three hours, according to the Boston Marathon runner tracker.

Eligon got a text message from a friend, asking if he was ok. Then he realized what happened.

Per HuffPo:

“I love breaking news, so for me, all the thoughts of having just run the race and being sore left my head, and I put on my reporter’s hat and went out to cover it as a news story,” Eligon told The Huffington Post on Monday night.

The Washington Post’s Vernon Loeb also ran the marathon before reporting on it.



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