McClatchy reports more than 22,000 digital subscriptions

newspaperboxMcClatchy, the parent company of the Kansas City Star, released its first quarter earnings statement yesterday, and said it’s earned more than $5.8 million so far from its paywall, implemented company-wide in December. The PlusProgram now has more than 22,000 subscribers, the company said. In January, the program had about 8,000 subscribers.

The company says the paywall will generate about $25 million in revenue this year.

McClatchy also reported a net loss in the year’s first quarter of $12.7 million, most of which was due to debt refinancing. The quarter saw total revenues of $276.7 million, down 4 percent from this time last year. Ad revenues were down 6 percent, to $191.7 million, and circulation revenue was up 1.6 percent to $67.5 million.

Digital-only revenue increased nearly 9 percent to $67.5 million. Digital advertising represents nearly a quarter of total ad revenue.


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