Friends work to buy back Willie Wilson’s World Series ring

wilsonWillie Wilson is one of the most memorable players in Royals history, playing parts of 15 seasons with the team and winning a World Series in which hit .367.

But after he retired in 1994 after 19 seasons, things went sour.In 2000, he declared bankruptcy and was forced to auction off his World Series ring.

“I was lost.Everything was weighing on me. I didn’t have a positive thought in my brain. “You were one of the best baseball players in Royals history . . . you lost your house . . . you won a batting title . . . you’ve downsized twice and are renting a two-bedroom duplex with five other people and you can’t even afford that . . . you just got elected to the Royals Hall of Fame . . . your World Series ring is sitting in another man’s safety deposit box because you had to sell it in the bankruptcy auction,” he writes in a new book called “Inside the Park: Running the Bases of Life.”

Since at least May, Wilson’s friends have been working to get that ring back, setting up a Twitter account and a PayPal fundraising page.

So far, their efforts have raised nearly $3,000 of the $8,500 goal.

The website says it’s a surprise for Willie, but it’s on the front page of his website, so we’ll see how that goes.

In 2000, the ring was purchased by John Matthews of Mission for more than $16,000.

Wilson told the Topeka Capital-Journal in 2007 that things were looking up, as he worked for a brokerage in Toronto.


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