@kuboobs violates Jayhawks trademark, KU says


It was about three years ago that the University of Kansas strongarmed a local T-shirt shop out of business by claiming it had copyright to the word “Kansas.”

Now, like a bra that won’t unhook, KU is at it again, going after the perversely popular social media phenomenon account called KUBoobs for violating the university’s copyright. The university issued a cease-and-desist letter to the KUBoobs folks, saying they’ve violated KU copyright by selling merchandise and displaying the KU brand online.

KUBoobs.com has been shut down and the future of the popular Twitter account is up in the air. The letter asked that the KUBoobs people tell the university of the boatloads of riches they’ve made – so KU can decide how much it’s owed.

What were they selling? Wrist bands that said “I (heart) KU Boobs.” For $5 each, with a dollar going to breast cancer research. They cost a dollar to make and other costs were eaten up by shipping and handling, the Rock Chalk Blog said.

KU Athletics’ head PR guy Jim Marchiony, who probably never dreamed he would have to complete such a sentence, told FOX4: “We’re not trying to shut @KUBoobs down. It’s one thing to have a Twitter account. It’s another thing to sell items with ‘KU’ on it, which is what they’re doing. That’s our federal trademark, which we always have to protect.”


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