Former KC Star sportswriter Martin Manley kills self, explains decision on website

Martin Manley, a former Kansas City Star sportswriter and statistician, has been identified as the man who committed suicide in front of the Overland Park Police Department Thursday.

Manley’s website included clues that he had buried gold in the Overland Park Arboretum. Police say that is not true, and family told KCTV Manley gave away his gold coins before his death.

Manley, who turned 60 on the day he committed suicide, was The Star’s statistician and penned the Upon Further Review blog. Gawker notes he’s credited with establishing the NBA’s Efficiency Rating.

In explaining his suicide, Manley wrote, “I suspect nobody is completely satisfied and I’m no different. No, I wasn’t fully satisifed with my life, but I was fully satisfied with my death!”

He also wrote, “The thought of being in a nursing home, physically or mentally disabled, was the single scariest thing I had ever thought about – at least on this earth.”

He says he had no financial problems and wasn’t depressed. Rather, “I decided I wanted to have one of the most organized good-byes in recorded history and I think I will be successful.”

On the site, he explains his ideas on gun control and 9/11, neither of which are out of the ordinary.

In a long post about his time at The Star, wrote that he loved working for the paper, and quit after seven years having survived nine layoffs.

“I survived approximately nine lay-offs at The Star because I was a workaholic. I never missed a day of work in all the years I was with the company. I rarely even took my vacation. I got 24 days a year and in the last two years, I took seven of 48 days. Company policy was not to pay for days not taken which I fully understood, so I just lost 41 days. I never took breaks, never stopped to eat during a shift, worked my butt off pretty much every minute I was there because… I just wanted to work. ..

“Almost all the work on the blog was from midnight to 6AM after my shift at work. And, on my two days off a week, I worked numerous hours on the blog. Basically, I lived, ate, drank and slept (when I had time) Kansas City sports, Kansas City Star and Upon Further Review. What life?”

He thanked Star editor Mike Fannin (“first rate”) and sports editor Jeff Rosen (“a great guy IMO”), and wished the paper’s staff the best.

“Martin was a terrific guy and a good employee,” Fannin said in a story published by The Star. “This is a real shock, just an incredible tragedy. Our hearts and thoughts are with his family today.”



  1. blingslade

    Martin’s site was fantastic, only a genius could have come up with the stuff he did. Unfortunately, there has to be some trade-off with a mind like that, and I think that’s what ultimately did him in.

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  3. Don Steel

    Some times some people are just too smart for their own good. I understand his thinking but sometimes you would rather open the package not knowing exactly what was inside instead of always knowing what was inside.

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