Martin Manley’s last Sports in Review blog post: ‘You see, earlier today, I committed suicide’

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 8.41.49 PMAfter Martin Manley left The Star, he continued blogging about statistics on his own site, Sports in Review. He wrote to readers Thursday that it was his final post.

“The reason for my departure is 100% within my ability to control. You see, earlier today, I committed suicide. I created a web-site to deal with the many questions a person would rightfully have,” he wrote.

Manley detailed the reasons behind his suicide and reflected on his life in a series of lengthy screeds on a website he set up.

In his final post, he reflected on the work he’d done at Sports in Review:

I hope you will keep in mind that many of the posts I did should be valid for years to come – not just a commentary on what happened that day. From the home page, you will see directly below this post is an index post of sorts that will allow a reader to more quickly find reference-related information. Keep in mind that you can always use the search feature to find posts. And, specific categories can be found by using the drop-down menus on any SIR page.

He thanked his readers, and said he’d made many friends over the years.

He ended the post saying Sports in Review has been paid for through 2018, and “Thanks for reading!”


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