Anonymous archives Martin Manley’s suicide website

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 5.59.58 PMAnonymous, the Internet hacktivists who have disrupted major corporations and exacted online justice on its enemies, has archived the website set up by former Star reporter Martin Manley, who committed suicide this week, leaving a note to readers of his Sports in Review blog.

Manley’s site, though available here, was taken down by its host, Yahoo, shortly after the Web exploded with rumors of buried gold. Anonymous said the site was overloaded with traffic, and Yahoo did not increase its capacity.

On the welcome page set up by Anonymous, advises people to seek help if they are thinking about committing suicide.

Anonymous is many things. We are legion. We are empathetic towards all those who have lost faith in the system that is constructed around us. We appreciate all offerings to the internet as the internet is our home and domain. We are here to protect, contain and display all information that can be progressive towards humanity.

We do not, however, condone suicide as means to right the wrongs of the system we live in and we feel strongly for those who have lost in their lives because of it.

Anonymous has lost some of it’s own to suicide. Lest we forget Aaron Schwartz.

Thus, we humbly offer a mirror for Martin Manley for all to view and research and learn from. Please consider talking to a loved one before ending your own life.


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