Chicago Tribune writes of Quantrill’s Raid

ImageAs a Westport bar prepares for “Q day,” as it called it on Facebook, area media have been looking back at the Border War event that killed nearly 200 men and boys in Lawrence.

Chad Lawhorn of the Lawrence Journal-World writes poignantly about area descendents of Lawrence residents who were killed. The J-W’s Giles Bruce follows the path of the raiders through Missouri. The Star’s Daryl Levings writes of how Lawrence rebounded from the raid.

And Lawrence residents are live-tweeting the raid as it might have happened, each representing a figure from the era.

Today, the Chicago Tribune, in its excellent Flashback feature, recalls the raid, writing that Quantrill “may have claimed to be a soldier in the Southern cause, his violent crimes before and after the Lawrence attack made it clear he was truly just a criminal, a mass murderer who killed indiscriminately. A Tribune story after the war suggested his Lawrence attack actually spoiled a real Confederate plan after Union forces rushed into what had been a poorly defended area of Missouri and Kansas.”

The Tribune’s original story from 18673 writes of the “fiendish cruelty of the guerillas.”


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