Steve Kraske leaves KC Star

Political reporter Steve Kraske has left The Star, joining the faculty at UMKC, the Pitch reported.

“I’m really excited to be starting this new chapter. I’m glad I’ll be able to keep one foot in my traditional journalist role. I have taught at UMKC for a couple of semester and really enjoy the experience of being with the student, and I’m looking forward to continuing that,” said Kraske, who hosts “Up to Date” on KCUR.

KC Confidential first reported the news.



  1. Gobi

    Wrong. That blog updated after Pitch posted the memo. If you’re going to play reporter, you might want to learn how to use web cache services and stop being so gullible.

    • Alex Parker

      All I know is that the Pitch story is timestamped as 3:05, and the KCC story’s first comment is 11:22 a.m. Thanks for the constructive comment.

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