Mark Potts out at LJWorld

Mark Potts, an industry veteran who was hired to lead editorial efforts the Lawrence Journal-World and its eight community weeklies, just over a year ago, has resigned.

Potts, the company’s vice president of content, “has been offered the opportunity to consult with the company in the near term; however, that consulting work would be conducted outside of the office,” according to a memo from World Company general manager Scott Stanford sent to staffers yesterday afternoon.

The memo did not specify a reason for Potts’ departure, only saying his resignation was “effective immediately.”

The Journal-World has seen a number of high level departures in recent months (full disclosure: I was formerly digital editor at the paper, and left in December 2012). Nine of 15 news staffers – not including photographers and sports staff – have left the paper in the last year.

Managing editor Julie Wright is handling the paper’s day-to-day responsibilities.

Potts joined the Journal-World from the University of Maryland, where he taught journalism. Previously, he worked at the Washington Post, San Francisco Examiner, Chicago Tribune and, among others. He won industry accolades for his hyperlocal work with and GrowthSpur.



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  2. Agnostick

    A whole lot of people were rubbed the wrong way over there. A significant number of long-time contributors of the online comments/forums area were also treated very, very shabbily during Potts’ tenure. The new requirements for contributing to discussions are probably going to help weed out a lot of the troublemakers… or not.

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