KSHB apologizes for ‘Native American’ gaffe

For the second time this week, KSHB is explaining a gaffe to its viewers.

On Monday, sportscaster Jack Harry denied calling the Kansas Jayhawks “Gayhawks,” and tonight the NBC affiliate is apologizing for mixing up the nationality of a story subject.

The station broadcast a story about Indians in Overland Park – natives of India, mind you – suspect they are being targeted for their gold and precious stones after a rash of burglaries.

But the chyron that accompanied the story read “Native American Homes Burglarized in OP.”

On Facebook, the station posted on apology.

We’d like to apologize for the error made during a story in our 10 p.m. newscast. We ran an incorrect lower-third graphic as our anchors introduced the story. The person who created the graphic misidentified the nationality of the victims. We again apologize for the error and have taken corrective action so this mistake won’t happen again.
While several comments on Facebook thanked the station for correcting the record, many tossed barbs at Channel 41 for the Jayhawk flap earlier this week.


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