LJWorld prints same-sex wedding, engagement announcements

Lawrence might be the most liberal burg in Kansas, but the newspaper was resistant to publishing same-sex couples announcements. Until Saturday, that is, when the Journal-World published a wedding announcement and an engagement announcement.


Lawrence resident Dave Greenbaum tweeted that the last time the paper had a same-sex announcement was his wedding in 2001.

I’ve asked managing editor Julie Wright when the new policy went into effect, and will update if I learn more.Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 11.58.48 AM


One comment

  1. Lawrence Morgan

    The Journal-World has some very good qualities – but also has some difficult qualities–which now actively discourage citizen journalism! (It used to be very different when Alex Parker was there, in my opinion.) It does have some very good articles on encouraging creativity and imaginativeness in Lawrence and the surrounding communities, and in that regard it becomes one of the finest newspapers, for its size, in the country. It also has lengthened the size and scope of the articles in the past year, which makes it even more impressive. I am glad to see that it now has printed the wedding announcement and an engagement announcement. That is very impressive!

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