Anatomy of a confrontation interview: C-J reporter grills Senate candidate on x-ray photos posted to Facebook

Dr. Milton Wolf, a distant cousin of President Obama, is running against Sen. Pat Roberts, hoping to unseat the longtime senator. On Saturday, the Topeka Capital-Journal posted a lengthy article and video about x-ray photos of homicide victims and other patients Wolf posted on Facebook.

Reporter Tim Carpenter calmly grilled Wolf for more than eight minutes, repeatedly asking if he thought it appropriate to post the photos and joke about them, as comments Carpenter presented to Wolf made light of the images.

Wolf “wrote that a patient could not complain about the awkward way his head was positioned for an X-ray, published on Facebook, because he was dead. He said a man decapitated by gunfire resembled an alien in the movie ‘Terminator.’ And he posted another image of a man who had been shot in the temple,” wrote Politico.

Wolf refused to answer Carpenter’s questions directly.

His campaign later released a statement saying he takes his job as doctor seriously, and laying the blame on Roberts, who the New York Times reported does not live in Kansas.

He apologized for posting the photos: “To those I have offended, I am truly sorry and I ask for your forgiveness.”

The Republican National Senate Committee, which supports incumbents, said Wolf “effectively (destroyed) any small hope that he had for a serious campaign,” Politico reported.


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