Mike McGraw signs on with KCPT

Mike McGraw, who retired from The Star last month, has a new gig at KCPT’s new Hale Center for Journalism. McGraw, a Pulitzer Prize winner, will lead the center’s investigative efforts, and focus on stories involving agribusiness and government.

KCPT’s Hale Center debuted late last year as a multimedia journalism hub for Kansas City news, published across TV, radio, the Web and social media.

Last year, KCPT announced a partnership with KCUR, Harvest Public Media and the Kansas Health Institute.

“We are so pleased that a reporter of Mike McGraw’s caliber has chosen to join our team as we prepare to develop our digital news service,” said KCPT CEO Kliff Kuehl, “Public Media prides itself on its in-depth investigative coverage in series like FRONTLINE and PBS NewsHour. This is a new initiative for us and we’re eager to pair our video and digital storytelling skills with Mike’s experience and leadership in journalism.”




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